Constitution Index.


Section 1 – Formation
Section II – Declaration Concerning God And Religion
Section III – Declaration Concerning The Civil Magistrate, Supreme And Subordinate
Section IV – Declaration Of Principles
Section V – Basic Principles For Grand Lodge Recognition
Section VI – Composition And Governance Of The Sovereign Grand Lodge Of Malta

Appeals to a decision of the Board 6.27.1
Annual Return non-submission 6.12
Appeals Panel 6.27/6.27.5
Applications and Petitions to Grand Lodge 6.9.1
Attendance book in Grand Lodge 6.5
Attendance in Grand Lodge other than members 6.4
Authorisation for publication of  Grand Lodge proceedings 6.21
Behavior in Grand Lodge 6.13. 6.14
Business procedure in Grand Lodge 6.9
Charity donations by Grand Lodge 6.21.1
Constitutional Laws and amendments in Grand Lodge 6.15
Designated communications of Grand Lodge 6.2
Dress code in Grand Lodge 6.6 – 6.8.1
Dress code of Grand Lodge delegations 6.24
Form of submission of a motion submitted by a Subordinate Lodge 6.20
Governance preamble 6.1
Grand Charity, composition and responsibilities 6.21.2
Grand Lodge accounts 6.21.3
Grand Lodge notices to Subordinate Lodges 6.16
Improper submissions of Notices of Motion 6.17
Limitation of re-submitting motions 6.18
Limitations of holding similar Offices 6.22
Masonic complaints, charges, procedure for 6.25/6.25.4
Masonic questions, disputes etc. 6.10
Members of Grand Lodge 6.1.2
Motion by proxy in Grand Lodge 6.19
Presiding in Grand Lodge 6.3
Presiding Officer casting vote 6.11
Prohibition of attending unothorised Masonic bodies 6.23.1
Religious and political matters prohibition of 6.23.3
Subordinate Lodges and members prohibited from responding to third parties 6.23.2
Unlawful Masonic assemblies 6.23

Section VII – Grand Offices And Grand Officers

Age limitation Grand Officers 7.28
All official communication via Office of Grand Secretary 7.38
Assistant Grand Master 7.5
Canvassing for Grand Office 7.33
Deputy Grand Master 7.4
Eligibility for Grand Office 7.30
Grand Chaplain 7.10
Grand Charity Steward 7.12
Grand Deacons 7.13
Grand Director of Ceremonies 7.9
Grand Inner Guard 7.16
Grand Lodge regalia provision for wearing 7.26
Grand Master abuse of power 7.3
Grand Master advisory council 7.35
Grand Master duties and powers 7.2 – 24
Grand Master incapable to preside over the Craft 7.34
Grand Master to consult the Board to fill Grand office vacancies 7.22
Grand Officers precedence in processions 7.24
Grand Officers removal form Office 7.18
Grand Secretary 7.7
Grand Standard and Grand Sword Bearers 7.15
Grand Stewards 7.14
Grand Superintendent of Works 7.11
Grand Treasurer 7.8
Grand Tyler 7.17
Grand Wardens 7.6
Honorary Past Grand Rank 7.29
Limitation for wearing Craft regalia 7.26
Investiture of Grand Officers 2004 7.1
Precedence of Past Grand Officers 7.25
Property of Grand Lodge 7.32
Qualification for ranks of Grand Officers 7.1,2,3,4
Request to surrender documents by Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary 7.36
Resignation from Grand Office 7.21
Right by Rulers of the Craft to preside in Subordinate Lodge 7.37
Salutes to Grand Officers 7.27
Suspension from Office of Grand Officers 7.19
Titling of Grand Office rank 7.23
Vacancies of Grand Lodge Office 7.20

Section VIII – The Board Of General Purposes

Administration  of Grand Lodge property 8.5
Appointment of Auditor for Grand Lodge accounts. 8.23
Appointments of Board committees 8.17
Board committees permitted to invite non-Board members. 8.18
Board Quorum 8.4
Board recommendations to Grand Lodge 8.7
Board summons for requested documentation from subordinate lodges and members thereof 8.12
Committees appointed by the Board 8.6
Complaints concerning members of the Board 8.13
Composition of the Board 8.1
Convening of the Board 8.3
Finance Committee 8.20
Grand Charity Committee 8.19
Grand Master and precedence of Board matters 8.15
Grand Officers subject to election to Grand Office 8.2.1
Grand Representatives 8.16
Limitations to the Office of Board President 8.2
Members of Subordinate lodges may submit motions to the Board 8.9
Membership Committee 8.22
Penalties and appeals 8.10
Prime Authority to formulate Laws 8.9
Ritual Committee 8.21
Submissions to the Board 8.14

Section IX – Subordinate Lodges

Absence of Travelling Warrant effect thereof 9.13
Authority to assemble 9.3
Balloting for candidates must follow preceding meeting when Candidate was proposed 9.32.8
Candidates to be informed of other Jurisdictions working in SGLOM Jurisdiction 9.32.5
Change of place of meeting 9.14
Clearance certificate  entitlement thereof 9.60, 1,2,3,4
Communications of Grand Lodge to be read and recorded in Subordinate Lodge 9.28
Conferring of degrees, limitations 9.45
Conflict with Grand Lodge Communications 9.15
Constituting a new Subordinate Lodge 9.6
Conviction following a criminal offence of  Brother  9.68
Cost of a Subordinate Loge Warrant. 9.8
Courtesy work on behalf of another lodge 9.40,9.41
Declaration of allegiance by joining members from other Jurisdiction 9.43
Display of Warrant 9.3
Disposal of Subordinate Lodge property when dissolved 9.6.1
Disqualified Masons effect on Subordinate Lodge 9.50
Disturbing the harmony of a Subordinate Lodge and the effects thereof 9.52
Duplicate Grand Lodge certificates 9.58
Effect of black balls in  a ballot 9.39
Effect of Subordinate Lodge suspension. 9.11
Election of Master of a Subordinate Lodge 9.18
Eligibility for the Office of Master 9.24
Eligibility to hold Office 9.23
Emergency meetings 9.17
Emeritus Member 9.33
Form of petition for a new Lodge 9.5
Formal balloting obligatory 9.35
Grand Lodge certificate issuance of 9.57
Grand Lodge certificate of Mastership 9.19
Grand Secretary to inform Subordinate Lodges of a new lodge. 9.7
Honorary members 9.38
Incapability of a Subordinate Lodge Master 9.30
Intervening period between conferring of degrees 9.46
Irregular Warrants 9.10
Joining fee due to Grand Lodge for joining members from other Jurisdictions 9.37.2
Joining Members and issuance of Grand Lodge certificate 9.56
Letter of no objection may be required  for joining members of other Jurisdictions 9.42
Limitation of a previously refused candidate 9.31.1
Master elect to pledge his adherence to Landmarks of the order 9.20
Master of a Subordinate Lodge to enforce observance of Constitution 9.21
Master or a Past Master must be present in Subordinate Lodge Communication 9.29
Membership committee approval required before proposing candidates 9.32.7
Minimum age for candidates 9.32.2
Minimum of three subscribing members 9.55
Minimum residency requirements 9.32.3
Non-payment of lodge subscription 9.62,63,64
Officers of a Subordinate Lodge 9.22
Per Capita payment to Grand Lodge 9.54
Petition for a Lodge Warrant 9.4
Prohibited days for Subordinate Lodge meetings 9.16
Prohibition of attendance at irregular meetings 9.51
Prohibition of participation by Subordinate Lodges of civil events 9.69
Replacement of Warrant 9.12
Requirement of Official application form to be completed by candidate 9.32.6
Requirements for candidates domiciled outside SGLOM Jurisdiction 9.32.4
Requirements for joining members 9.35
Resignation from a Subordinate Lodge 9.61,1,2
Retention of Workings and Ritual for other lodges joining Grand Lodge 9.2
Seal of a Subordinate Lodge 9.67
Submission of Annual Return to Grand Secretary 9.53
Submission of application form following the affiliation of a member 9.37.1
Submission of fees and application form following the initiation of a candidate 9.37
Submission Of Installation Return to Grand Secretary 9.25, 9.26
Subordinate Lodge By-Laws 9.66,1,2,
Subordinate Lodge definition 9.1
Subordinate Lodge liability in affiliating a Brother in arrears 9.36
Subordinate Lodge responsibility in initiation of candidates 9.32
Suspension or exclusion from a Subordinate Lodge 9.65
Vacancy in a Subordinate Lodge Office 9.31
Validation of Grand Lodge certificate 9.59
Visiting EA and FC’s to Subordinate Lodges  9.48
Visitors not vouched for 9.49
Visitors from other Jurisdictions 9.47.1
Visitors to be vouched for 9.47
Warrant, property of Grand Master. 9.3
White gloves, wearing of 9.44
Grand Officers Dress code in Subordinate Lodge 9.27.1

Section X – Royal Arch Chapter
Section XI – Board Decisions

Benevolent Fund 15
Crest of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta reproduction thereof 9
Data Protection on candidate’s application form 5
Details on Lodge Summons 3
Disciplinary Hearing Committee, time bound 18
Emergency meetings conflicting with other lodge meetings, dispensation required 4 (2)
Installed Master and Past Master definition thereof 12
Legal notices on websites 14
Limitation on number of emergency meetings 4 (3)
Lodge summons to Grand Secretary 2
Processions in Grand Lodge 11
Reformatting of the Book of Constitution 17
Register of Dispensation by Grand Secretary 4 (1)
Secret ballots 1
Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta own building 13
Special fee for Overseas members of Subordinate Lodges prior to November 2004 8
Specific Travelling warrant 7
Standard toast list for Subordinate Lodges 6
Subordinate Lodges numbering of 10
Representation of Subordinate Lodges on the Board of General Purposes 19

Section XII – Schedule of Fees
Section XIII – Regalia of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta
Section XIV – Ancient Charges with Summary
Section XV – Foreign Relations
Section XVI – Definitions


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