10.1 Other than as prescribed herein, at all times and on all occasions the provisions and Laws of the Constitution of The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta will apply to Chapters of Royal Arch Masons of Malta within its jurisdiction.

10. 2 Every Chapter shall be attached to a regular Lodge and the rank and precedence of several Chapters shall be determined according to the priority of the Lodges to which they may be respectively attached under the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta.

10.3 Application for a Charter of Constitution of a Royal Arch Chapter shall be by petition to The Grand Master and shall be signed by not less than seven regularly registered Royal Arch Masons who shall at the same time make written declaration of adherence to the Constitution of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta and swear due obedience to The Grand Master and the Laws of Grand Lodge. Each signatory shall specify every Chapter to which he belongs and/or to which he has at any time belonged and shall attach a dated Certificate from each such Chapter to the effect that;

10.3.1 He has no indebtedness to such Chapter to which he currently belongs and/or that;

10.3.2 In respect of any such Chapter of which he no longer belongs, certification as to whether he ceased to be a member by resignation or by exclusion, giving the date and circumstances thereof, and stating whether he was at that date indebted to the Chapter and if so when and if that indebtedness was discharged by him.

10.3.3 To every such petition must be added a recommendation, signed in open Lodge by the Master and Wardens of the regular Subordinate Lodge of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta to which the Chapter is to be attached, indicating the approval of the majority of members present and that Notice ‘that a petition is to be submitted for approval’ shall have been given on the summons convening the meeting at which it was to be considered. Additionally every such petition shall be accompanied with a copy of the proposed By-laws of the Chapter, and all shall then be forwarded to the Grand Secretary for due submission.

10.4 The format of the petition for a Charter of Constitution of a Chapter shall be:

‘To the Most Worshipful The Grand Master, the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta:

We the undersigned, being regularly registered Royal Arch Masons of the Chapters mentioned against our respective names, having the prosperity of Royal Arch Masonry at heart, are anxious to exert our best endeavours to promote and diffuse the genuine principles of the Art, and are desirous of forming a Chapter to be attached to the Lodge. . . . . . . . . . . meeting at . . . . . . . . . .  In consequence of this desire we pray for a Charter of Constitution empowering us to form and hold a regular Royal Arch Chapter to be named. . . . . . . . . Chapter, to convene at . . . . . . . . . . on the. . . . . . . . . in the months of . . . . . . . . . . ., there to discharge the duties of Royal Arch Masonry in a constitutional manner, according to the forms of the Order and the Laws of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta, and we do nominate and recommend that: comp.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . be First Principal comp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . be Second Principal comp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . be Third Principal

Should the prayer of this petition be granted we promise strict obedience to the commands of The Grand Master and the Laws and regulations of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta.

{Followed by the names, signatures, and such details of the petitioners as may be required by the Board of General Purposes}
{Followed by a schedule}

10.5.  Every candidate for election into a Chapter shall provide his Grand Lodge Certificate, or in the case of a joining or re-joining member his Grand Chapter Certificate, or if from another Constitution recognised by Grand Lodge his Grand Chapter Certificate, or if a Master Mason from another Constitution recognised by Grand Lodge his Grand Lodge Certificate, for due scrutiny by Scribe E. Every candidate shall complete the registration/application form and sign the declaration thereon, which declaration shall be confirmed in open Chapter at the time of exaltation or joining.

10.6  A candidate for exaltation or joining or re-joining shall be admitted by ballot provided no black balls appear against him, which may be one, two or three as the Chapter By-laws shall provide. A rejected application may be renewed subject to the Chapter’s By-laws which shall provide for this and after such delay period as they shall prescribe.

10.7 A successful candidate failing to take up his membership within one year from the date of balloting When a candidate is exalted into Royal Arch Masonry he shall, on or before his exaltation, pay all fees required by the By-laws of the Chapter; the nature of all such fees having been explained to the candidate before the convocation. No provision can be made for delayed or phased payment. The By-laws of each Chapter, by dispensation from the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta, may allow certain candidates or members to be excused fees, or permitted to pay reduced fees, in particular circumstances e.g. in the case of Emeritus or Student members. In such cases the pertaining annual fee due to the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta shall maintain.

10.8 When the particulars of a newly exalted companion or a joining companion from another Constitution have been registered, the Grand Secretary will issue a Royal Arch Certificate that shall be presented to the companion in open Chapter and the fact recorded in the Minutes. In exceptional circumstances where this cannot be done the Certificate shall be hand delivered against signature of receipt or by recorded postal delivery, clearly marked ‘Private’, and so confirmed to the Chapter at its next regular convocation.

10.9 Immediately upon receipt of a Grand Certificate it shall be signed in the margin by the companion named in it. In the event of loss or ultimate destruction, of which an explanation shall be required, a replacement may be issued by the Grand Secretary upon payment of the appropriate fee.

10.10 Vacant

10.11 Companions may request free-issue certifications from their Chapter in the following circumstances:. as to a current member’s standing and indebtedness or otherwise to the Chapter, and when a past member of the Chapter, as to the date and circumstance of his resignation or exclusion and his state of indebtedness or otherwise to the Chapter. Such Certificates shall be dated and signed by the Scribe E., and either handed to the individual so requesting against signature of receipt or dispatched by recorded postal delivery clearly marked ‘Private’.

10.12 Should a subscribing member default in payment of his subscriptions for a period of two years, or otherwise as prescribed in the By-laws, he shall at the expiration of that period automatically cease to be member of the Chapter and the fact shall be reported to the Chapter at its next regular convocation. Regaining membership may be advanced by payment of the arrears and subsequent proposition and ballot as to membership as elsewhere defined.

10.13 All sentences of suspension from the Craft privileges passed by Grand Lodge or any other competent authority in the Craft, on a brother who is also a Royal Arch Mason, shall, unless such authority specifically declares to the contrary; suspend such companion from the equivalent privileges in Royal Arch Masonry.

10.14 Vacant

10.15 Pending the design and availability of approved regalia by Grand Lodge, Chapter regalia used elsewhere may be worn by Royal Arch Chapter companions in convocation.

10.16 Should the Lodge to which a Chapter is attached be erased, the Chapter may transfer to another Subsidiary Lodge of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta at the request of the companions of the Chapter and as approved by such alternate Lodge. A Chapter may transfer its attachment to an alternate Lodge at the request of its companions and as approved by the alternate Lodge and as approved by Grand Lodge Any Chapter transferring its attachment will take the name and/or number of such Lodge.  No more than one Chapter may be attached to any one Lodge at any given time.


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