Board Decision No.1. (21/04/2005)

That this Grand Lodge defines ballots as being in secret only when cast in accordance with Laws 7.9.3, 9.39, and 9.65. On all other matters voting is to be by a show of hands.                                      

Board Decision No.2. (21/04/2005)

That for the sake of good order all Subordinate Lodges will forward a copy of Lodge Summons’ to the Grand Secretary at the same time as these are forwarded to Lodge members

Board Decision No.3. (17/11/2005)

The minimum requirements that shall comprise  a Lodge Summons are:- Name of Lodge; place, date and time of meeting; agenda of Lodge business; and contact address of Lodge Secretary ideally being e-mail address and telephone number. Names of Candidates for Initiation, Passing, Raising, joining or re-joining shall be shown on the Summons only with the consent of the Candidate first being obtained.       

Board Decision No. 4 (17/11/2005)

1. The Grand Secretary shall maintain a Register of all Dispensations issued to hold emergency meetings and a summary of these shall be included with the Grand Secretary’s report to the Board of General Purpose.

2. Prior approval by the Board of General Purposes shall be required before the granting of a Dispensation to any Subordinate Lodge to hold an emergency meeting on the same day that another Subordinate Lodge is holding a stated meeting.

3. Prior approval of the Board of General Purposes shall be required before any Subordinate Lodge shall be granted Dispensations to hold more emergency meetings than its number of stated meetings in any given year.

Board Decision No. 5, (17/11/2005)

Candidates for Initiation, joining or re-joining are permitted, if they so desire, to add an appropriate comment after signing the Data Protection Section to further strengthen the rules of privacy.

Board Decision No. 6, (20/04/2006)

Standard Toast list for Festive Boards of a Subordinate Lodge shall be as follows:

  1. The President of the Republic of Malta;
  2. The Most Worshipful the Grand Master;
  3. The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta and all Freemasons in Malta;
  4. The Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master;
  5. Grand Officers, Present and Past;
  6. The Worshipful Master;
  7. The Initiate (when applicable);
  8. Our Visitors;
  9. Absent Brethren;
  10. Tyler’s Toast.                  

Board Decision No. 7, (20/04/2006)

Having regard that previous to the formation of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta, Logga Fenici had been granted a Travelling Warrant, now this Board resolves and approves the granting of a Travelling Warrant to the said Logga Fenici through which Logga Fenici may make Masons at a place or places where the Master of the Lodge directs, provided always that the Summons conveying the meeting be forwarded to the Grand Secretary prior to the meeting, specifying the exact location, date and time of such a meeting (viz. Board Decision No.3), and further, that the Warrant of the Lodge be exhibited wherever the Lodge meets, and adheres to the Ancient Landmarks of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, and is in accordance with the Constitution of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta.

This Warrant is being authorised to be given to the Master of the Lodge who himself warrants the proper execution of all Work conducted by the said Lodge. All subsequent Masters of the Lodge from this day forward shall, upon being appointed to the Office of Master of the Lodge, warrant the proper execution of all Work conducted by the Lodge.   

Board Decision No. 8, (20/04/2006)

A new fee of LM 3.00 per capita per annum be introduced and described as “Overseas 2004” for those Overseas Brethren who were members of Founding Lodges prior to the formation of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta.     

Board Decision No. 9, (21/04/2007)

The Crest of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta is the property of Grand Lodge and may be reproduced only with the prior written approval of the Board of General Purposes.  Similarly, Subordinate Lodge Crests may be reproduced only after like approval has been obtained from the Master of the Lodge.

Board Decision No. 10, (09/04/2011)

Subordinate Lodges of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta will adopt a numbering system.

Board Decision No. 11, (21/04/2012)

A ritual for the entrance and exit processions at all Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta Communications be established and formalised.

Board Decision No. 12, (21/04/2012)

A Brother, once installed as Master of a Lodge is referred to as an Installed Master; he is only described as a Past Master once he has served a full year as Master and his successor has been installed. An Installed Master would not be entitled to wear a Past Master’s collar.

Board Decision No. 13, (21/04/2012)

The Sovereign Grand Lodge should have uniquely established headquarters. It would be advantageous if such premises could include for a single meeting place at which Subordinate Lodges could formally and uniquely assemble in appropriate conditions throughout the calendar. This Decision presumes that such objective, albeit not achievable in the short term, would elevate our Grand Lodge in the wider perspective as evidence of its ambitions and purpose as a significant entity in both Maltese and World Freemasonry.

Board Decision No. 14, (23/11/2013)

When setting up websites, Subordinate Lodges will include appropriate legal notices.

Board Decision No. 15, (26/04/2014)

That the Grand Lodge of Malta establishes a Benevolent fund for internal relief and purposes.

Board Decision No. 16, (25/04/2015)

Deferred Notice of Motion 93 is withdrawn.

Board Decision No. 17, (25/04/2015)

The Book of Constitution of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta shall be reformatted with a new numbering system to allow updates to be more systematic and easier to make.

Board Decision No.18, 12/11/2015

To further improve the efficiency of the Disciplinary Hearing Committee. The Board recommends that the Disciplinary Hearing Committee’s processes shall be time bound, whereby the Committee must deliver its recommendations to the Board of General Purposes within 45 days from the date of setting up of the Committee.

Board Decision No.19 (22/04/17)

“If a Brother who sits on the BOGP ex ufficio is simultaneously also WM of his Lodge, then that Lodge shall be represented, with full voting rights, by another of its members in accordance with Law 8.1, as nominated by the WM.”

Board Decision No. 20

“At the first regular subordinate Lodge meeting after every Communication; it will be incumbent upon the relevant subordinate Lodge secretary to present highlights of all transactions adopted by Grand Lodge at the said Communication. This should include, but not necessarily be limited to, all law amendments as well as any Grand Lodge appointments and promotions. Subordinate Lodge members are entitled to request and receive hard or soft copies of all such transactions.”

Board Decision No. 21 (24/11/2018)

If any Mason, who has been initiated, passed and raised in a lodge under the breakaway Grand Lodge, approaches any of our subordinate Lodges with a view of joining such Lodge, the following process shall be followed:

Before any action is taken, the subordinate Lodge Secretary must inform the Grand Secretary in writing giving details of the Brother concerned.

The Grand Secretary will arrange a meeting with this Brother with a view to determine that the he has severed all connections with the Lodge of which he was a member and with the breakaway Grand Lodge, together with the suitability or otherwise of his desire to rehabilitate himself into regular Freemasonry by joining one of our subordinate Lodges.

Following such a meeting, the Grand Secretary will write to the Secretary of the subordinate Lodge with his recommendation to proceed or otherwise.

In the case the Grand Secretary recommends that this brother may proceed to join the subordinate Lodge, the Lodge Secretary will follow the normal procedures of proposal, seconding and scrutiny report and ballot.

Following a successful ballot, the joining member must read and sign the declaration of allegiance (Law 9.43 refers) and be obligated in the appropriate degree in accordance with the ritual worked by the subordinate Lodge.


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