Count Roger of Normandy Lodge No. III


Lodge History

Masonry in Malta

In the year 1090 Count Roger of Normandy landed in  Malta to oust the Arabs from the island. It is said that the colours of the Maltese national flag were given by Count Roger.

The Lodge bearing his name was consecrated  on the 25th October 1988. The Consecrating Officer was RW Bro Cdr. Michael B.S.Higham.

In an article written in 1990 for the ‘Masonic Square’ W bro Haigh wrote:

‘Today Masonry in Malta is strong, with acceptance and encouragement of Maltese candidates, who are now ensuring a steady growth of our Lodges. To accommodate this growth Count Roger of Normandy Lodge was formed principally to serve the increasing numbers of young Maltese professionals who seek to join the  brotherhood’.

In November 2004 the Lodge fell under the registry of the SGLOM and has continued its good work since as a lodge in Maltese Masonry.


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