Deae Matres Lodge No. VIII


The name Deae Matres recalls an ancient form of Deity and the pagan cult of the Mother Goddess, practiced throughout the Mediterranean, before the advent of Christianity and which ideally unites the island of Sardinia and that of Malta. The Lodge was founded specifically for Sardinian brethren who were already members of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta and works in the Sardinian language.

The motto of the Deae Matres lodge is Quod debuimus facere fecimus (We did what we had to do) taken from Chapter 17: Verse 10 of the Gospel of Luke.

The logo of the lodge is based on a six-pointed star construction.The equilateral triangle with the vertex down has three phases of the moon at the top. The compass is built on the opposing equilateral triangle. The upper vertex of the latter triangle is occupied by the compass’s lay, representing a Black Sun with 12 rays, referring to the loggia number XII, assigned by SGLOM.

The prevailing proportions are about 1:12. The proportion of about 1:12 is present between the diameter of the compass point and the length of the compass, between the diameter of the lunar discs and the length of the sides of the triangle, and between the construction ring that contains the inscriptions and the diameter of the red circle of the background. This proportion always recalls the roman number XII assigned by SGLOM to the lodge. Between the compass and the team, a pentagon is formed with the vertex down, at the center of which is traced the Maltese Cross.

All elements, except the golden title block and the golden surface of the team, have a golden border, rendered in the graphics with a shade between yellow and orange. The logo is adorned on the top, by the motto of the lodge arranged to draw a bow, while in appeal the name of the lodge (with the number attributed by SGLOM) has been fixed, framed in a golden drape.


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