Evening Star Lodge No. VIII

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Evening Star Lodge No VIII is a Lodge for English Freemasons within the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta (SGLOM). To be a member you must be a continuing subscribing member of a UGLE Lodge.

The Lodge has particularly close relationships with the two English Lodges in Malta (St John and St Paul No 349 and De Rohan No 9670) and also with the Malta “Lodge of Improvement” (LOI).

Notwithstanding the close connection with English Freemasonry, this is a regular SGLOM Lodge which complies fully with the SGLOM Book of Constitution. On joining you make a formal declaration of allegiance to SGLOM and thereafter enjoy the privileges, and assume the responsibilities, of a full member of that Grand Lodge.

Evening Star Lodge has the following specific aims:

  1. To assist other Lodges, especially our Mother Lodges, when requested to do so by their Worshipful Master, for example by carrying out Second and Third Degree ceremonies on their behalf.
  2. To give newer Masons, especially those who are active in the LOI, the opportunity to experience Lodge Offices sooner than they might expect to do so in their Mother Lodge.
  3. To meet the needs of working men whose responsibilities and/or family commitments make it difficult for them to attend a traditional Lodge which meets early in the evening and where the evening’s proceedings take place over an extended period, often in excess of four hours.

To enable point 3 above, the Lodge tyles at 7:30pm and all proceedings, including the Festive Board, are guaranteed to be completed by 10:00pm at the latest. This means that everything must be done in the most efficient manner. For example, no speeches or replies to Toasts are ever given at Evening Star Lodge. We call it “Formula One Freemasonry”!

The Lodge motto is Non Necessarium Non Factum, “Not Necessary, Not Done”.


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