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Masonry in Malta

The Hospitaliers Lodge No V was consecrated in August 2004 under the registry of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. In November of that year with the formation of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta, the brethren of Hospitaliers Lodge together with the brethren of Leinster Lodge no 387, Abercorn Lodge No 273, Fenici Lodge No 903 all of the Irish Constitution and Count Roger of Normandy Lodge No 9265 of the UGLE determined to reform under the registry of the new Grand Lodge.

There followed some remarkable meetings. In particular when the Emerald Isle Lodge No XIX of the Irish Constitution brought over a large party to celebrate their Centenary. The Emerald Isle Lodge which was known as the 88th Connaught Rangers Lodge was consecrated in Senglea in 1907. It was the pleasure of Hospitaliers Lodge to host this celebration and over ninety five diners sat down to a remarkable and most enjoyable Festive Board when a magnificent sword was presented to the Emerald Isle Lodge and which is still used at every meeting of the Lodge.

A special relationship has existed between the Lodges ever since. Indeed it is interesting to note that when the 88th Connaught Rangers was consecrated in 1907 the ceremony took place in the same building and at the same time as the Abercorn Lodge used to meet.

In 2005 Hospitaliers Lodge entered into a twinning agreement with La Pierre D’Alliance Lodge on the Province of Auverne, Vichy in France. The meeting was held at the Selmun Castle which is an historic castle dating back to the Knights.

Another ‘first’ was the translation of a complete First Degree including the opening and closing ceremony into the Maltese language and the performance of the degree when everything was in the Maltese language.


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