Loġġia Mikiel Anton Vassalli  No. I
( Founded 1851)

Abercorn Lodge  No. II
(Founded 1899)

Count Roger of Normandy Lodge No. III
(Founded 1988)

Loġġia Fenici No. IV
(Founded 1991)

Hospitaliers Lodge No V
(Founded 2004)

Ars Discendi Lodge No. VI
Founded (2005)

Loġġia Flos Mundi No. VII
(Founded 2005) 

Evening Star Lodge No. VIII (forerunner of the White Sea Lodge No. VIII)
(Founded 2010) 

Mare Nostrvm Lodge No. IX
(Founded 2011) 

Utopia Lodge No. X
(Founded 2013)

Spartaco Mennini Lodge No. XI
(Founded 2013)

Deae Matres Lodge No. XII
(Founded 2021) 

Mario Mezzadri Lodge No. XIII
(Founded 2022) 

Malta Masons


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