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On behalf of our fraternity and of this constituted Link in the universal Chain of Regular Grand Lodges, I am honoured and privileged to bid you welcome to our website, and to Malta. The tradition of Maltese hospitality is world-renowned and we have a warm embrace for those of our Brotherhood who might wish to visit our Islands and meet us.

To those who only know of Freemasonry through portrayals as a secret, self-serving, or sinister society, I must say I wish you could be persuaded otherwise. If you are a stranger enquiring of our organisation, of our purpose, or of our beliefs may I say at the outset that we are not a religious order but do believe in a universal all-seeing God; and through its precepts Freemasonry encourages members to follow that religion to which they belong. Worldwide Masonic membership includes men of all races, nationality, colour, and creed. As to Political persuasion we are strictly apolitical and positively forbid political debate when we gather together.

We claim no special place in society, and in applying strict disciplines upon ourselves we remain cognisant of weakness in our brethren and others in distress, and are moved to assist those in difficulty to the utmost of our ability. Our motivation is manifold and centres on developing inborn traits of humility, tolerance, and charity, which we seek to hone to individual and to universal advantage; but, as with all mortals, sadly we often fall short of fully achieving our objectives and ambitions.

We mutually congregate in discreet and orderly fashion respecting traditions inherited over centuries past. Self-control and respect for authority are as cement to the cornerstones of our beliefs and our behaviour. We form ourselves in groups we call Lodges; each functioning individually with its team of officers headed by an elected Master; each operating through our Constitution, i.e. our internal rules and procedures; and all responding to the authority of our Grand Lodge. We abide by the laws of the State and are critical of those in violation, and expect similar from those around us. We recognise there are some who regard our titling of officers, our terminology, our formal dress codes, and our conduct, as rather quaint in a modern society: but we are unapologetic in adhering to our traditions.

In conclusion may I commend for your reading the Historical Review that follows and whatever your motivation in contacting us I thank you for your interest and for this opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves.

With our best wishes for every success in your ongoing honest endeavours,

Grand Master
The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta.


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